Project FAQ

How is the score calculated?

Firstly we look for common traits within analytics which indicate that a referrer might be spammy. We've got a pretty good idea by this point, but then combine this with data about the IP the domain is linked to (helps identify networks!) and various other sources.

How can I help?

Check out "How Can I Help?".

How do I revoke the access to my analytics?

We're working on providing an automatic way to do this, but for now just send an email to spamscapeapp [at] with the UA code(s) of the properties you'd like removed.

I'm not a developer, how do I make use of this?

Right now, our data is accessibly via API only so we can get feedback on the app. That said, we'll eventually allow you to automatically create a filtered view within Google Analytics!

How do I report errors / bugs?

If you've seen something which doesn't seem right, ping over an email with the details to spamscapeapp [at]