SpamScape is a crowd-sourced effort aiming to identify and filter out Analytics referrer spam. It feeds anonymous referrer data from connected Analytics accounts into algorithms to identify new spammers as soon as they appear.

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What Is Referrer Spam?

Referrer spammers are typically unscrupulous bots which send fake visits to your analytics, all coming from a certain domain - often in the hope that you'll be curious enough to visit the site to investigate. A side effect of this is that your reporting ends up being full of worthless junk, and metrics like bounce rate get impacted.

Marketers have proposed numerous "fixes" to the issue, but with the increasing prevalence of this kind of spam it has turned into a game of Whack-A-Mole which wastes time and effort (with debatable levels of improvement).

How does SpamScape work to Fix Referrer Spam?

We utilise the power of crowd-sourced data, combined with a simple three-step process.


Anonymously aggregates referrer data from connected Google Analytics accounts.


Classifies spammers using a variety of data sources and characteristics.


Makes the results available via a free API and various tools.

Every time somebody connects their Analytics account, SpamScape gets better.

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